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Too Many
United States
We have finally started an art page other than our website, and are hoping it is a huge success!!!

-All work here is from our website, where the work is from fans of anime all around the world submitting it to us!

-Have fun and don't steal our anime without asking us!!!

-Our website is

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why is your site still up?
Too Many
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congraties, you have such beautiful art :D
I have been through your gallery and I have not seen any links to the original artist's web sites or galleries for the pictures you've posted. Please be advised that uploading images you've found on the internet is not allowed by DA unless you have the express and written consent of the artist involved. Please view the Terms of Service regarding this at the following link: [link]
For the sake of the very talented artist(s) involved here, please get their permission and link to THEIR web sites or galleries. Give them credit for their hard work.
nekokawai Dec 18, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
How long will it be before someone wakes up and bans you I wonder.
VeraPeneda Dec 18, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm sorry to say this but I have this same paints in my computer since last year.. and your a deviant here really recently... are they urs or are you just showing them as if they were? :|
zirius Dec 18, 2004   Digital Artist
your coloring style really professional!!
Lol, you're funny.
Yukirin would never submit something to your little, sucky website.

But meh, that's not even that important.
You are not allowed to submit something to deviantart that isn't done by you.
So don't tell my I suck, because I do everything myself, unlike you.

Have fun and don't steal our anime without asking us!!!
ahahaha. As if it were yours... :roll:
meh, is it fun to steal from yukirin?
Why do you even spam my comments with this shit? -___-

I hope you get
raptorzysko Dec 18, 2004  Professional General Artist
You have awesome gallery ^^ I must watch You XD
keitaro17 Dec 17, 2004   Digital Artist
awesome work ^^
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